Tuesday, August 19, 2008

volume order

time + patience + felt - blood = fuglies for sale! this weekend at FANEXPO!

here's the final product, what you can expect from me at the convention so come on down, pick one up and give him a loving home.

fuglies for the people.

traveling salesman, i am.

nothing short of an army.

a sea, one might even say.

complete with hand stamped cards.

not only do i have a massive stock of pins, i have a box of 8.5x11 prints for sale, just a few of my favourites. a certain bee may or may not be making another appearance...
AND a free gift with purchase, just cus im SUCH a nice guy.

so come one, come all! and you can meet the fonz and data from star trek with me, and touch their bums.


Britt said...

since when are you a guy? ANd nice is definitely pushing it.

RAWLS said...

hahah...those are great!! I'll see if I can make the expo....if not, have a great time!

Hyein Lee said...

Wow... Data actually look normal without the make ups. Amazing.

So many buttons! So many cute little buttons!! I have no idea how you made them all. I salute you.

Yay! Vegetarian Fair with Vicki!!!
Have you ever been? I must warn, I do act like a monster around food.

Matt said...

Can I eats them...? I'm gonna!