Friday, February 26, 2010

ted bear in bare season

so as you all know, or at least SHOULD know, tcaf is happening again this spring, and me and britt have ourselves a uterus parade booth. true story!! so i figured i'd make a new book.
here's a sneakypeek of said book. it wont be as terrible as dirty down by the bay, but dont fret, it will still contain questionable material. i promise you...

also! GOOD NEWS for those of you who like the ickilip blog that me and scoundrel american phil keep, and wish that we updated more often..
we are posting a new monstrosity every monday... but i beg of you, wait until you get home from work to check it out. you might get fired. i'm not even kidding...

Friday, February 12, 2010

NEW MAILER! (has been ordered)

man, i just keep on making shit....
just sent in my order for a new set of mailers that imma send to unsuspecting art directors... poor suckers. my apologies in advance..

new mini is ready to roll

whoa now!
after a block printing madhouse for the past couple days, my new minicomic entitled "dirty down by the bay" is finished, and will make it's debut at the erotic arts and crafts sale at the gladstone hotel in toronto this saturday, noon til 8.
this bad boy has a cute 3 colour block printed cover, and filled with the most terrible things i have ever drawn. it's just... disgusting to say the least. but coming from me, what more would you expect, huh? sheesh...

come come come on saturday! where i'll have these, my equally disgusting valentines, print sets, bookmarks, and the rest of my minicomic cavalry.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

deals with the devil

i love this AD so much... so so much. we're pals. (in my dreams)
got myself into the globe and mail again.
and i HAD to post this too: the sketch that was sent to me to work from. priceless.

Monday, February 8, 2010

getcher valentines

rounded corners give me a boner. its true and i'm ashamed. (no i'm not)
romantic block printed message on the back!

come to the erotic arts and crafts fair on the 13th at the gladstone hotel in toronto to pick one (or more, depending on your love triangle/square/octagon situation) for your significant other(s), or perhaps for your bestest pals who you care about and want to get them into bed. these will work. money back guarantee*.

*at participating locations only**

**this location is not participating

Thursday, February 4, 2010

let's get busy!

recently, i found myself on the interweb reading about bizarre animal mating habits (if you know me at all, you dont need to ask why), and i thought to myself "myself, you should make the dirtiest sex drawings ever and put them on valentines".

so i did.
these are all facts! turtles stretch necks, tallest gets the woman, some octos have detachable dicks, porcupine males piss all over their ladies, and, well... monkeys are just gross.
(i did my research!)

you'll be able to buy these nasty suckers at the erotic arts and crafts fair on sat.feb.13th at the gladstone hotel and you'll be a hit with your sweetheart (she will hit you).

Monday, February 1, 2010

(the day before) hourly comic day 2010!!!!

so, i sort of cheated, and i did my hourlies on jan31's when it's supposed to be done feb1st. but screw off, tomorrow is totally boring.
so here you go, kiddies! a comic for every waking hour of january 31st, 2010!