Thursday, February 4, 2010

let's get busy!

recently, i found myself on the interweb reading about bizarre animal mating habits (if you know me at all, you dont need to ask why), and i thought to myself "myself, you should make the dirtiest sex drawings ever and put them on valentines".

so i did.
these are all facts! turtles stretch necks, tallest gets the woman, some octos have detachable dicks, porcupine males piss all over their ladies, and, well... monkeys are just gross.
(i did my research!)

you'll be able to buy these nasty suckers at the erotic arts and crafts fair on sat.feb.13th at the gladstone hotel and you'll be a hit with your sweetheart (she will hit you).


pete ryan said...


Oscar Woodruff said...


Thom Glick said...

This is some craziness. How much you selling your cards fer?

vicki said...

$2 a piece, and they come with a sweet pukey green envelope. i'm not even kidding.