Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so i'm finally posting some of the commissions ive been working on!
and i'm still taking them, so if you so desire, CLICK HERE and check out what i'm offerin'!

ps- i have just noticed how often i draw things looking to the left. hmm...

"animal farm" for hey oscar wilde!

"kickass annie" for annie of koyama press

"octopus riding a turtle"

"something edward gorey-ish"

"european magpie and tentacles"

"the space race"

"badass octopus"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

jeez NY, aren't you FINE?

just got back from new york this morning and man are my arms tired. wait... i totally effed that joke right the hell up..
anyhow, britt and i thought it would be fun to screw around the us of a for a week and cause some trouble, so we went down to syracuse to visit our good pal phil, then trucked on down to NYC for a few days and hung out with effing SCOTT and BAGEL, the raddest couple of mofos in that friggen city, and then slowly made our way back up to canada. what a wicked time. the wickedest of times. there was sweat and tears and rooftop bbq's and beers and bacon wrapped hot dogs and manhattans and high fives and dinosaurs and naked homo sapiens and walking and water and central parks and rats and cockroaches and bus naps and other stuff.

eff.... so much amazing stuff.
but i did a few sketches! just random garbage here and there...

so all in all, that was the bestest week in a long long time. i gotta get my ass back to NYC real soon.

i am trying to put away some nickels and dimes to get my ass to SPX in september, and also feed my face so i dont die.
so i am still running my commissions!
help a bother out, and get some wicked art all at the same time! what a great deal, doncha think??