Monday, August 30, 2010

picture book report! and stuff.

ladies and gents!
if you havent heard of Picture Book Report, you are crazy and i will tell you about it:
it's a wicked site that the super cool meg hunt put together where a buttload of amazing artists are doing series illustrations from their favourite books. you should definitely check it out. right now. immediately.

anyhow, there is a series of works going up called "short reports" where big dumb artists like myself are doing one-offs, and here's the one i did. you can read about it HERE.

(click image to enlarge)

also, here's a comp for that thing i was talking about... the first of a series of paintings i will be doing in the next month... expect a lot of scary old people from me in the near future...
so far, the crazy cat lady...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

back after being a dick

ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. i am a dick. well, this may not be the FIRST place/time you've heard it. i'm pretty sure i have admitted to this before, and i'm absolutely certain that more than most have at least thought about it.

anyhow.. i am a dick.
confession: dating ate my life, but due to being sad about my terrible art time lethargy, and big fat looming deadlines (it's mostly because of the big fat looming deadlines...) i am back!


now, enough funny business.
i know what you're thinking. you're thinking "what is this weird stain?" or "what have you been up to all this time, vicki nerino?"... i will deal with the latter. the first one is aaaall on you, pals.

first of all, this past monday (aug.23rd) you may have noticed my outright super gloaty bragtime tweet about my most recent illustration that was printed in the globe and mail. here it is if you missed it:

second of all, i am going to brag a little, but also tell you to read THIS interview with anne koyama of koyama press vs. sequential, interview done by the pleasantly polite david hains. anne koyama is the shit, and my name is at the bottom and stuff... but really. sweetest woman alive, and a great interview. way to go, champs. exes and ohs.

speaking of david hains, one of my friggen favourites commissions was for that darn guy, so here's one for the road, "something disgustingly whimsical, or whimsically disgusting":
i think i was channelling the nerve ending fairy from ren and stimpy...

aaaand finally, i've got something big coming up. something i have procrastinated for far too long... it involves my paintings, more paintings from seven other friends (roben nieuwland, ilichna morasky, britt wilson, selena wong, ale diaz, hyein lee and franzisca barczyk), one large space with a shit ton of beer in it, and the month of october...

here's a sneaky peek of what i've been working on.

check back soon for another update on what the eff i'll be up to in this busy busy busy upcoming month.... please.