Monday, August 30, 2010

picture book report! and stuff.

ladies and gents!
if you havent heard of Picture Book Report, you are crazy and i will tell you about it:
it's a wicked site that the super cool meg hunt put together where a buttload of amazing artists are doing series illustrations from their favourite books. you should definitely check it out. right now. immediately.

anyhow, there is a series of works going up called "short reports" where big dumb artists like myself are doing one-offs, and here's the one i did. you can read about it HERE.

(click image to enlarge)

also, here's a comp for that thing i was talking about... the first of a series of paintings i will be doing in the next month... expect a lot of scary old people from me in the near future...
so far, the crazy cat lady...


Ken McCuen said...

The wolf one is beautiful! Nice!

Hyein Lee said...

Man, your work is funny, morbid and awesome as always. The best version of 3 little piggies I've ever seen xoxo