Saturday, April 17, 2010

what is "sleep"?

TCAF is a short 3 weeks away, and i have begun to dramatically cut down on my sleep in preparation.

here is a peek at what my main project is for the festival, a brand new mini!
i dont want to give too much away, but lets just say, this bear doesnt catch many fish.
and whoa now! did you say you wanted vinyl stickers?! you didnt? ... oh... well it's too late now cus i already bought them...

not only am i looking forward to sitting at a table all weekend while people give me disapproving looks, i get to hang out with a TON of people that i have grown quite fond of, some of which i havent even met yet. perhaps poutine bot will stop by to say hello...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the USofA is gonna hate me...

here's the finished pieces, but scanned and purrrty:
they'll be hung in the ronin gallery in LA late this month.

suck my croc, see you later, masturgator
acrylic and toner on panel
$350 each

sorry, america.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

crocs ahoy!!

boy oh boy it feels good to by sloppin paint around again...
suck my crock, see you later masturgator
acrylic & toner on panel

i was recently invited to be a part of a show in LA at the ronin gallery, and naturally i said yes. i'm easy like that... so if you're around on the 24th of april, you should definitely check out this show, so many good artists in the mix. i am not talking about myself.