Monday, May 24, 2010

help send vicki to SPX... and not starve in the meantime.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, boys and girls.. maybe not the children, i dont like children too much... they are loud and smelly and demanding... uh.. no. thats not right. lemme try again.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, i stand here before you, totally nude, but not really, to offer you my hand in marriage.. ok. no. wait...
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, i have a treat for you! and i'll give it to you if you climb into the back of my white cube van... shit. no. ok. OK.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, i have decided it would be my best interests, both motivationally and financially, to open up a call for commissions! that's right! your favourite neighbourhood pervert will draw you a picture for money! i am trying to scrape enough dough together to head down to SPX, which would be mega great! but also, money is tight (you guys know how it is...) and i'd be nice to make some ends meet. and (yes another and), i just want to draw a bunch of stuff, and it would be cool if someone actually sort of thought my drawings were ok enough to toss me a few bucks for one. a girl can dream, cant she...?

but back to business!

for only $20 (plus $3 shipping), you can have your very own 5x7 vicki nerino original drawing! (holy smokes). you'll get an archival ink drawing on a purty sheet of 96lb bristol with my grimy little hand prints all over it. i will also throw in a postcard and a vinyl sticker! (ooooh)...
and for $50 (plus $3 shipping), i will whip up an original 5x7 painting for ya! acrylic and toner transfer on 140lb coldpress watercolour paper. i will toss in a postcard, a vinyl sticker, and a minicomic of your choice! check out UPP to see what i've got, and add a note to seller at paypal checkout, or email me. mmMMMmmmmmm stuff...

here are some examples of what you can expect if you get yourself a black and white drawing:

and if you decide you want to go with colour, i applaud you cus you rule, and they are better anyhow:

so word up. to your mother. it's hip to be square. piece to your niece. lolomgbbq. all that ish. if you want me to do some shit up, i've made it super easy for you. (thank you paypal buttons). pick your poison, friends. and dont forget to fill in what you want me to draw. if you cant fit your ridiculous request in the little box down there (that's what she said) or if you have any questions, email me! dont be afraid... i dont bite...


... and paypal me the munnies at, OR just email me and i can send you a money request...
i used to have a button and it broke. and i am sad about it.

super late post-TCAF wrap-up

man, i cant even tell you how much fun i had... two weekends ago.
TCAF was pretty much the best weekend in the history of time.

it started off with collecting our houseguests and pals phil mcandrew and ryan pequin from their arrival points friday night, and off to a par-tay immediately, where i met scott c, dustin harbin, david huyck, jason turner, and about a thousand other people for the first time, and went on to meet people like anne koyama, michael deforge, kc green, aaron costain, john martz, ryan north, the one percent press dudes, and about a bajillion other name drops. and man. it was a goddamn pleasure you guys. all of you. you made that weekend the bestest weekend. so full of dancing and karaoking and thrusting and yelling and love.

on top of that, i almost sold out of ted bear, which totally blew my mind. i was really happy with it, and i guess it showed in the work. so, yay!
look at me go.. makin spock dollas...
photo cred of my hungover 2 hours of sleep face goes to madéleine flores

and i traded so many comics, with so so so many amaaaazing cartoonists. one bunch of dudes in particular, the handsomes from one percent press. they are the most talented sons-a-bitches, and i cant get over how great they write and draw and put together the books and smile. oh the smiles...

finally, i did a super awkward interview with alice from tdotcomics. she was totally sweet and made me feel like less of a creepy pervert shut-in who draws animal/human intercourse for fun, despite those things still being true...

this is the only photo i took all effing weekend.
the one, the only, the stunning and the loudmouthed:
(i love her)

i miss you dudes like a bear misses honey, which leads me to my next point...
to spx or not to spx... that. is the question...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TCAF 2010

hey guys! are you ready for a lot of images and stuff?
if you said yes, you're in for a treat. if you said no, shut the hell up and let me get on with it, okay?
as you probably know, me and my straight life partner/roommate/fellow uterus parade-er britt have a table at TCAF this weekend, table 122 to be exact, and BOY, are we excited about it. look at my face. cant you see the monsterous levels of happy in and around my face?
you should check out THIS INTERVIEW that got posted on the national post site about it!
first of all, i have made a new minicomic that will be exposed for the first time at this years tcaf, and i'm pretty excited about it! it's called "ted bear in bare season", and it's about a bear who's never experienced.. uh... lets call it, the taste of fish...
here's a peek at ted as a wee baby:
and dudes! we put together a mini of the weeklies we have been writing and posting on the UP blog since the fall! seriously, i'm not even kidding...
we've also made up these wicked matchbook style notebooks smothered in terrible drawings by britt and myself, and let me tell you they are SWEET.
i also have a bunch of 5x7 and 8x10 original paintings if anyone gives a damn. mostly they are for decoration cus i suspect no ones wants these things.

but wait! there's more!
(no way)
yes way! vinyl stickers, aint that swanky...
and of course, i've reprinted everything in my minicomic cavalry, laminated more bookmarks, and squeezed out more love all over these things in hopes that someone will take them home with them. sorry if some of them are a bit sticky. my love is viscous.
so hopefully i will see you guys there! it's gonna be a swell weekend of hanging out with friends, some of which i've never met before, and drinkin beers. oooh the beers...

ps- we have a couple of buds staying with us this weekend: our good pal phil mcandrew and a mister ryan pequin, whom we've yet to meet. lets hope we dont end up dead in our own freezer before the weekend is out. #foreshadowing