Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fanexpo HO

britt and i are going to be at fanexpo again this year, lucky you.
we've been going nutso putting things together,
busy busy busy busy busy...
so i JUST NOW finished putting these bad boys together:

each package contains 6 signed and numbered prints by yours truely (santa claus), and a little postcard for shits and giggles.

anyhow, we'll have comics (the ones i've been posting), these sweet print packages, some pins, a few purses, and LOVE. i'll have lots of love. so pop by table A96 in artists alley and give me a high five and a purple nurple.

look for THIS SIGN, we'll be sitting under it telling racist jokes and pooping our pants.


Monday, August 17, 2009


holy crap, i updated my site!
new and/or improved with my most recent work, and i separated it into recent and archives for easier browsin'

AND i put a bunch of new sketches in the sketchbook section, check out the first row.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


hey there ladies and gents, 
recently, my pal phil started a little community called Ink Mountain, where phil, myself, and a few other super duper peeps are posting links, pictures, interviews, and other cool stuff from some really cool comic book and illustration wonders. 
so, what's the reason for this post, you ask?

that's all for now, 
over and out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

nonstop painting like whoa

the square foot show in toronto came real fast, and i did a few paintings in a week, start to finish, to hand in tomorrow. whew.

i came up with the theme of awful puns that involve livestock.

holy c(r)ow
mixed media on panel

mixed media on panel

(e)scape goat
mixed media on panel

all three of these will be for sale for $200 each at the Square Foot show, opening saturday aug.15th at 7pm. admission is FREE!! so drop on by and take a look at all the badass art.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dont friggen forget

we're open all month, so pop by mofos.
plug plug plug plug plug

gallery hours:
monday: closed
tuesday: 11am - 7pm
wednesday: 11am - 7pm
thursday: 11am - 7pm
friday: 11am - 7pm
saturday: 11am - 6pm
sunday: 12pm - 5pm
hours may be extended on weekends late into the PM, depending on the happenings of the neighbourhood, so if you're at a par-tay nearby,  take a walk over with your ciggy and bev, cus we may be here. actually.. no smoking in the gallery, but you can peer through the window like a creepy bastard until you're done.
so there's plenty of time to come and take a looksie, hang out, hug, make out, whatever. we've got merch that will be constantly refreshed too, so be on the lookout for cool shit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

well kids,

the opening to the S.O.S show was a success. lots of food, friends, and wicked cool art.
here are the 3 pieces that i put together for the show.

controversial political figures as sea creatures
fishel castro
mixed media on panel

albatross hitler
mixed media on panel

kim eel sung and son
mixed media on panel

(to view larger images, head on over to my flickr site)

there is tons of merch available at the space too, including self published minicomics, pins, sock monsters, dog tags, prints, you name it, we got it.
the show is on through the entire month of august, so if you're in the kensington market neighbourhood in toronto, you should stop by for a looksie!
here are the DEETS
and take a gander in the photo gallery on the event page for pics of the opening, as well as the other artists work.

and now, 3 more paintings due this saturday for the Square Foot show... 
updates ubersoon
(super sneaky peek...)