Friday, August 7, 2009

nonstop painting like whoa

the square foot show in toronto came real fast, and i did a few paintings in a week, start to finish, to hand in tomorrow. whew.

i came up with the theme of awful puns that involve livestock.

holy c(r)ow
mixed media on panel

mixed media on panel

(e)scape goat
mixed media on panel

all three of these will be for sale for $200 each at the Square Foot show, opening saturday aug.15th at 7pm. admission is FREE!! so drop on by and take a look at all the badass art.


Britt said...

your paintings are asses full of jizz, no one will buy this junk.

(I'm going to put these up in my room when no one buys the because of my nasty comments)

Ale Diaz said...

OHhhh my my my !!!
I love them vicky!!!!!

I can see a next jump on your art dude!!!!!