Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fanexpo HO

britt and i are going to be at fanexpo again this year, lucky you.
we've been going nutso putting things together,
busy busy busy busy busy...
so i JUST NOW finished putting these bad boys together:

each package contains 6 signed and numbered prints by yours truely (santa claus), and a little postcard for shits and giggles.

anyhow, we'll have comics (the ones i've been posting), these sweet print packages, some pins, a few purses, and LOVE. i'll have lots of love. so pop by table A96 in artists alley and give me a high five and a purple nurple.

look for THIS SIGN, we'll be sitting under it telling racist jokes and pooping our pants.


1 comment:

Jordie Bellaire said...

Uuugh. I wish I was going so I could some of this awesome love. Hope it goes well.