Thursday, July 23, 2009

process of sos

experimentation with pine and monochrome laser prints

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my apologies

sorry sorry sorry, i've been up to my nipples in everything from drawing, painting, making comics, sewing, working, and sleeping. i know, i know, it's no excuse, but i will rectify this... soon

here's some process work from a few paintings i'm doing for the SOS show, opening night next thursday at Project165 in toronto.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i am a xerox

200 minicomics later...
that's right. i print shit, and it comes out from the many orifices in my body.
i painted bacon stains all night. can you spot my laptop? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sweet jesus

holy update day, for reals pals. 
sorry about my absence but i have been so busy with gallery pieces and minicomics and 24 hour comic day and apartment hunting and bike riding and folding and stapling and eating and pooping and LIFE. bad.

first of all - things are coming along for a fantastic gallery show that i have been given the honour of participating in. here's the deets:

second - you should come and pop by the rage this saturday. "why would i want to do something boring like THAT!?" you may ask. well, for one, I'LL be there, so its guaranteed to be wicked ass cool. and second, kym howe will be there. she makes things out of stuff too, and we are going to jive it up at the rage and party down in the sun. 

third - these minicomics are lookin swell. i have printed two of them in a run of 5o each, and i am printing 2 more comics tomorrow. here's a sneaky peek at the two that are done:
tasty tidbit: i just finished the covers of the inanimate objects comic. it's a hand carved lino stamp of wonder and india ink. so there.

i mainly printed these out to sell at fanExpo with britt, but i think i will sell them on the internets and perhaps at a couple retail locations if anyone will let me. time will tell.

fourth - speaking of comics, britt and i did a 24 hour comic day in which one start and complete a 24 page comic in it's entirety, including brainstorming, rough layouts, and final execution. we both failed to meet the deadline, but we got some SWEET COMICS out of the deal, so expect to see those in print too in the near future...

and finally, fifth - keep an eye on ickilip for some awful awful things. it's getting really gross...
the most latest c/o phil mcandrew. shame on you, phil...

anyhow, more to come soon.