Thursday, August 28, 2008

makin' love to the CTV

you know those times when you're super bored, and think it's a good idea to google your own name?
well, i reached that point, and found THIS ARTICLE!

Here's my excerpt:

Vicki Nerino's Fuglies
Demonstrating that there is definitely a cute side to the attractively-challenged, Vicki Nerino's Fuglies are little plush creatures you can pin on your shirt or purse or carry around simply for comfort. Vicki has a vivacious sense of child's play to her work. She handed me her card, which declared "The Pants Have Come Off"!

i like it when random people ask you questions and turn out to be writers for CTV.

jumping on the etsy-mobile

well, i've gone and done it.

so there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

volume order

time + patience + felt - blood = fuglies for sale! this weekend at FANEXPO!

here's the final product, what you can expect from me at the convention so come on down, pick one up and give him a loving home.

fuglies for the people.

traveling salesman, i am.

nothing short of an army.

a sea, one might even say.

complete with hand stamped cards.

not only do i have a massive stock of pins, i have a box of 8.5x11 prints for sale, just a few of my favourites. a certain bee may or may not be making another appearance...
AND a free gift with purchase, just cus im SUCH a nice guy.

so come one, come all! and you can meet the fonz and data from star trek with me, and touch their bums.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

back home, and ready to rumble

last night, i arrived at my doorstep at 6pm from my 5 week adventure in italy, and was awake for about 26 hours, trying to beat the jetlag, before i decided to call it quits and go to bed.
this morning, i was up at 6am, and now, i'm ready to conquer the world... or just a small uninhabited piece of land would do too i guess...

i would like to start working on some personal work now, some individual pieces, editorial, book covers, and the like. fun stuff, no massive projects, seeing as i had just finished a 16 page comic for chaos.

also, i have about 90 plush pins almost ready to go for fanexpo in a couple of weeks, so that's exciting also. i will take a photo upon their completion and post it soontime.

more to come from me soon, so keep posted.
or else.

anywho, here are a few more pages out of my italy sketchbook, hope you like.