Thursday, August 28, 2008

makin' love to the CTV

you know those times when you're super bored, and think it's a good idea to google your own name?
well, i reached that point, and found THIS ARTICLE!

Here's my excerpt:

Vicki Nerino's Fuglies
Demonstrating that there is definitely a cute side to the attractively-challenged, Vicki Nerino's Fuglies are little plush creatures you can pin on your shirt or purse or carry around simply for comfort. Vicki has a vivacious sense of child's play to her work. She handed me her card, which declared "The Pants Have Come Off"!

i like it when random people ask you questions and turn out to be writers for CTV.

1 comment:

Hyein Lee said...

You look cute, Vicki! Cute.
First photo ever with you smiling. :)