Friday, February 12, 2010

new mini is ready to roll

whoa now!
after a block printing madhouse for the past couple days, my new minicomic entitled "dirty down by the bay" is finished, and will make it's debut at the erotic arts and crafts sale at the gladstone hotel in toronto this saturday, noon til 8.
this bad boy has a cute 3 colour block printed cover, and filled with the most terrible things i have ever drawn. it's just... disgusting to say the least. but coming from me, what more would you expect, huh? sheesh...

come come come on saturday! where i'll have these, my equally disgusting valentines, print sets, bookmarks, and the rest of my minicomic cavalry.


1 comment:

Montana Barn Cat said...

Ding, dong. Toronto is in a far-away galaxy. I wish I could make it but no can do, cockatoo. Good luck over there--it looks like a LOT of FUN!