Sunday, October 31, 2010

miss busy fart pants

well h'lo there.
i'm a total dick and have been too busy to type about anything that i have been doing. i've been crazy at work and meeting up with longish lostish friends and picking up oversized artwork and now getting SICK... so i'm sorry. i hope you're not mad at me. do you still want to be my friend? please?! i promise i'll be a better pal.....ahem...........anyhow...
canzine this year was great! i got a sweet spot sammidged between britt and phil. i even had a little cameo on blogTO!
thanks to all of yooz who came out and bought some stuff or looked at stuff or just gave me the plain ol' stinkeye from across the crowded room.
i've got a BUNCH of stuff coming up very soon, and here's a drawing for one of them...
STAY TUNED for more stuff that my ass has gotten tangled up in.


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