Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canzine is a-comin...

just when i thought i got my life back after the opening of memories of enemies, the thought of canzine smacked me in the face and brought me back to the ol' worktrain brain...

THANK YOU to all of you who made it out to the opening of that big ol show last wednesday. i had such a great time! there was an amazing turnout, fancy schmancy hors d'oeurves, super duper artwork, and a high five here and there. i am a big dumb face and didn't take any photos of the party, nor do i have images of 6/7 paintings i have up in the show, but i will get those together and post them in a few weeks when i have my art back... SO THERE.

so canzine... canzine canzine canzine... nice to see you again.
i am working on a short little sequel to the ted bear story... and i'll give you a sneak peek, since i'm such a nice guy...
ps- that's not a balloon.

pps- if i'm/you're lucky, i might just have a small run of tshirts to exchange with you and your hot sweaty hand munnies. (gross)

ppps- put yer excited pants on, cus i'll see your goddamn faces in a few weeks with NEW STUFFS to sell! and i'm sure you'll get peeks of the sneaky variety comin out the wazzoo all up in this piece.

pppps- apparently i am now hip/cool/ballin'. i've changed. and i'm sorry.

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