Thursday, July 15, 2010

more commissions... and your LAST CHANCE (at the romance dance)

hey dudes!
here are a few colour commissions that i just sent out on friday, and seems they are getting delivered SUPER quick (thank you postman), so i feel like i wont ruin the surprise TOO badly....
"a pretty wedding portrait" for martin mcclellan

"inkstuds dirtybird" for robin mcconnell

"a sad clown... with armpit hair"

and so, i am officially sending out a LAST CALL for commissions. if you were thinking about it, and being all hum and haw and tra la la about it, this is your last chance to get me to draw something for you without me turning you down outright for being such a douche.
read up on the rules HERE!!

you have ONE WEEK, or until the end of july21st to order one of these badboys before i close up custom-doodle-shop. that's right. get on this shit, before its TOO LATE.

too late mofos!
but if you email me, i might just be super nice and cut you a deal.

ps- i love you

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