Saturday, February 14, 2009

march, here i come

the rage is moving across the street to a location more than twice the size of their current store in march , so the wonderful sarah wants more stuff to fill up her storefront. which means i have a WHOLE lot to do...
so so so much to do before the month is out, and i'm just getting started. this is just the tip of the iceberg. 
a very... VERY large iceberg. i mean TITANIC large. my ship is so fucked..

ps- happy VEE DAY


Jill said...

V-day is for Vicki, that's good enough for me~ <3

gls on all the new merch you're pumping out!! Zach and i and both loving that top left cube in this batch. i think he'd look cute if his side blue panel was magent-ish like the dude under him. i needs to get one of these for myself.

PS, my auntie and uncle LOVED the cube for their lil spawn, if i didn't tell you. but so did my mum's gigantic samoyed. he kept running off with it after the gift was opened XD

Ale Diaz said...

OHhh mann, they just keep getting wierder and wioerder abd better and better!!!!!