Monday, February 23, 2009

birds vs bees

roughin' it out for  Jerome Jenner's  'the birds and the bees' show.
more deets and a finished piece to come... VERY soon.


Britt said...

I love that the dad looks like a fucking platypus.

Britt said...

also, I think we should ask Bren nicely if he can photograph your recent sew-jobs for your website. I bet it wouldn't take him too long to get a nice shot in his little lightbox. You know, before you sell them an never see them again, except maybe on the arm of a super obnoxious greasy teenager who stepped on your toe in Kensington Market and is talking so loudly about Avatar that you want to blow yourself in the ear just to make it stop.

josiah gordon said...

Hey Vicki!!
Stuff is lookin good as always!

Good call Brittany, I agrees with you.
And randomly I found this today...


Hope you're doing well!
Talkie talkie soon-y...