Thursday, November 27, 2008

christmas cards for saaaale

come see me at the craft show next sat, dec.6th. at thomas street middle school, 2640 thomas street in mississauga. sale is from 10-3, so come one, come all, to a land of wonder, crafts, and old people.
prints, plush, pins, and puppies for sale! minus the puppies...
buy some cards for your family and friends, for a reasonable price*.

* while supplies last
(i must be kidding myself)


Britt said...

oh hey, i got the day off, so I'll be joining you there lovey dove.

RAWLS said...

hehehe... I love the snowman!!

Jill said...

HAY. i'll mail you an xmas frog card in exchange for the snowman. SOUND GOOD BUDDY?