Tuesday, November 11, 2008

b-cards and re-tail

last sunday, i placed an order with overnightprints for some business cards that i can use for the regular, pretentious, cocky means of handing out to people, but it doubles as a backing to attach my pins, and make them look somewhat legit.

they arrived at my doorstep today, and delivered by one smoking hot ups guy, no less... but i digress..
they look marvelous, and vicki is pleased.

and so, the dual purpose of b-card/pinback works wonders, and i look somewhat like a mature, reasonable "artist"

as you may know, i have a craft sale coming up on december 6th in missisauga, so horray!

and on top of that, the wonderful people at the rage have been so kind as to take some of my hideous items and sell them in their kensington market shop. i'll be dropping by on thursday to hand over my children, (pins, tote bags, uglyfaced cubes) and hope for the best, so you should perhaps take a gander if you're in the neighbourhood.

do it. please?


Jill said...

they look GREAT!!
really really nice and i love how the pins look on them. tres professional~

the simplicity of the cards are even more smoking hot than the UPS guy, no lie.

RAWLS said...

Super cool!!

Ale Diaz said...

simple is hot, I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Hyein Lee said...

Good luck!
When you are around town like that next time, gimme a call~ <3