Thursday, October 2, 2008

what an industry of dicks.

My name is *** and I am inquiring about licensing your work for a new iphone application. We would like to use some your designs if possible for the project.

Your works along with other artists would be used for a new art play game. The game would be a mix of slot machine meets exquisite corpse and we would love to have you part of the project.

If this sounds interesting to you or would like more information please contact me at ***




Hey there ***!

That sounds interesting, how did you find my artwork, and which designs do you like?
Also, what kind of compensation do you give the artists for licensing of artwork?
And tell me more about this exquisite corpse project, you've peaked my interest...

Thanks for the email!
Take care!!



I found your artwork on illustration mundo, and really liked your sketch work. The budget is 50 dollars for the rights to use the work in the iphone project.

The applicatiton is an interactive art gallery on the iphone. Artists submit a single character design that is divided into 3 regions. Users then take artists designs and mash them up to create new creatures. It's a fun casual experience that promotes the artists at the same time.

We have a template and can work with existing designs.

Hope this clarifies the project. Let me know if this will work for you or if you have anymore questions.



...are you serious?


Britt said...

um, what a douche.

also, the word is PIQUED.

but I love you anyways.

RAWLS said...

wow... 50$ for your art which will get cut up on an iphone!!! Imagine what you could do with ALL that money!! wow... They must have mad cash to be offering 50 bucks! :(

pete ryan said...

dude - take the money and run!!!!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to put your shriveled old stretched vagina resting on the ground in that self portrait of yours.
that said. i miss your face. when are we going to hang out and talk shit.
jokes still exist.
laughings also there.

Wendy said...

Wow...that is simply appalling!

Hyein Lee said...

Oh man.... 50 bucks...