Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more crafts

well, i signed up for a christmas craft show on Dec.6th at thomas street middle school in missisauga. the sweet-as-pie grade 8 teacher who arranged it found me on etsy and asked if i would be interested in joining, in which i responded HECK YES.
so here's one of the many items i am going to be selling:

i figured since it was a christmas sale, it would be in my best interests to make some christmas items. hence, the plush tree ornaments that i whipped up tonight, amongst other things (holy productive moly)

i will also be making holiday cards, more pins, more plush, more purses, some prints, some original artwork, and more (i hope).
i will post more progress soon.


Britt said...

your xmas plushes are friggin adorable. If my mom would let me put ornaments on the tree, i'd buy one, BUTTTTT, she doesn't. My mom is the tree nazi, no joke.

Zach said...

Balls! Hot items! Heck with illustration, we all need to get on the ball train *crumples paper, adds fishing hook, ta-da!*. I like your toad friend, what ever became of him?