Sunday, April 29, 2012

a breakup letter

dear blogger:

you know how much i love you, but it's just getting complicated between us. i really feel like we've grown apart lately. we've been leading two very different lives, you being on my home computer, and me being out and about a lot, and really spending more time on my iphone...
actually, i have to be honest with you... there's someone else...

It's tumblr.

i'm sorry, don't cry.. i really do love you. you taught me so much. you have so many more options than tumblr. i'm so used to using your interface, and i'm much more familiar with your customization options. tumblr requires coding and you know how bad i am at that...
and i mean, tumblr is so much easier to update on the go! i can just take a photo with my phone, check off a box and VOILA! instant photo updates for everyone who follows me on twitter, tumblr, facebook...
you just know me so much better, but i'm afraid that at this point in my life, i can't commit.

maybe one day, i'll be ready to settle down. i will come back to you, but i don't expect you to wait for me.
anyhow, blogger. one day, we will meet again, but until then... i'm sorry.

love always,

1 comment:

Ramez said...

ever since blogger has changed their shit i too have felt it is time to meet other websites.