Sunday, March 27, 2011

this gal's been busy...

hello all.

i bet you've been wondering what my stinky ass has been up to lately. well, aside from working a full time job and watching all three seasons of breaking bad, and illustrating / designing some stuff that has finally been printed and it makes me happy to put my greasy sweaty fat fucking fungers all over them.
you know that stanking whoa-man i live with, britt wilson? well she was nice enough to post my most recent bunch of minis on uterus parade for me cus i've been a busy butt face, so you should DEFINITELY check those out here so that you can see what you're in for this spring at tcaf. and there will be more, believe you me... OH, and read about our shit show time at wizard world here.
there's this bunch of dudes (and some awesome chick) by the name of capital h who were nice enough to ask me to do the artwork for their latest EP. you can see some process work here and here if you like, but this is how it finally ended up after much fiddling and faddling (shut up, faddle is a word).
front cover:
back cover:
booklet guts:
cd face etc...

i did some work for my wonderful stepmom and her super awesome new business venture of the best effing candles ever, waxing lyrical. here's where i started, and it had come a long way, and finally, we got the labels printed with my favourite dudes ever at kid icarus / studio XIX, and they turned out SO awesome... see?

this morning i just sent off a site design for my good friend in dry river caravan.
here's a peek at that sexy ass skeleton...

i highly recommend checking out capital h, waxing lyrical, and dry river caravan. some good tunes and smelly stuff all over the g. d. place...



Alice Quinn said...

Looks like you've been busy, I love the website skeleton & the the candle slips are boss!

Hyein Lee said...

\( > o < )/ AWESOME STUFF!!!
You've been very busy, I see!