Sunday, February 13, 2011

waxing my mustache

hey dickheads!
i've been farting around with some 3" pillar candle wraparound labels for my stepmom's new beeswax candle business. pretty fun!!

also, broken pencil magazine is awesome. why is it awesome? like you even have to ask, JEEZ...
they just released their 50th edition of the magazine, and it's pretty awesome. not only do i have an illustration in there, i got a little bio printed on the contributors page.

AND, i got a really really REALLY awesome review of ted bear by the splendiferous matthew daley.

oh, also, i got my mustache waxed a couple weeks ago.
so, good news all around.


Grimalkin Press said...

doesn't that make it grow back double?

Ramez said...

thats an old wives tale grimalkin (i think)