Tuesday, November 16, 2010

memories of enemies (finally)

well you guys, i'm actually gonna show you the work that i had up that the memories of enemies steamwhistle show for the month of october, save for one painting, cus i can't get a good effing shot of the thing.... (i will never work on a 48"x48" painting again... here's the drawing anyhow... maybe one day i'll get a good shot of it)

EDIT: i was harrassed by a couple of my favourite people, so i carted this dang thing down 2 flights of stairs and photographed it outside in my smelly pyjamas...

ANYHOW, here's what i paintered:

"tag, you're it"
acrylic on canvas

"one fish, two fish"
acrylic and toner on canvas

"cat's cradle"
acrylic and toner on linen

"handjob #1 (knit)"
acrylic and toner on canvas

"handjob #2 (shuffle)"
acrylic and toner on canvas

"handjob #3 (whittle)"
acrylic and toner on canvas

"handjob #4 (bingo)"
acrylic and toner on canvas

so if you or someone you like a lot are interested in buying any of these effing things, email meeeeeee! and stuff... etc.


Britt said...

You're brilliant. I want to buy all of them...do you take credit? or love?

Can I pay you in LOVE?!

Irma said...

Ha ha ha ha holy fuck. So great.

What is your stance on segways?