Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pink flamingos

my dear pal phil mcandrew is holding another contest, and i HAD to join in. had to.
the theme? to draw a scene from one of your favouite movies. and of COURSE i had to go with the classy john waters film.

here, i have drawn the star of the film, divine, a large boned drag queen, stuffing a massive steak into his/her underpants while a hot dog squeezing creep watches... in the film, divine just shoved the steak between her thighs, and the hot dog man didnt appear until she was about to leave, post steak tuck... but eff it.


Montana Barn Cat said...

DAMN, you are good.

Hyein Lee said...

you'll win, I just know it! Is the prize 2 tickets to Cancun?

Kirsten Ashley said...

I just had to show my appreciation for your Divine artwork! I actually stumbled upon your blog doing a search for Divine photos because I'm doing a painting of her for a friend's birthday gift. :)