Wednesday, November 4, 2009

bye bye canzine

well, what a weekend.
first of all, the wonderous phil mcandrew came to toronto from the state of new york on friday night and slept on mine and britt's couch all weekend. here he is, enjoying some strong canadian beer.
we ate so much food and made so many horrible jokes and faces, one would not have to make any more jokes and/or faces for the rest of their lives and still be average on the joke/face scale of life. i thought americans were all big fat dummies, but i guess there are exceptions. phil's not fat. or at least he hides it well.
then, holy halloween saturday. i sewed my fingies raw making a few costumes, no biggie..
and then, the whole point of this post, sunday! canzine!
i'm not sure why we look so sad about it, but really, it was awesome.
and monday, the three of us slouched real deep and drew a LOT of horrible, horrible pictures... here's one, c/o philip:

and if you really WANT to see the rest of them, which i highly caution you from doing, you can find them HERE. dont say i didnt warn you...
here's a drawing of me and britt that phil scrawled on that lazy lazy day...

SO, this weekend is going to be another busy one...
this thursday, ale diaz has a show at the NACO cafe gallery called "ubiquitous death", where she painted a shit ton of skulls, and had a bunch of peeps, including myself, screw around with some of them, so ch-check it out!
AND, britt, myself, and a few other pals are in a show with the wonderous friendly rich and the lollipop people for their new cd release, and there will be lots of super duper artwork all over the friggen place, and super duper music in our ears, so you should definitely come check it out this saturday at the tranzac.
AND, me and britt again. mini comics. chapters... brampton? yeah. brampton. this sunday. BE THERE. or not, i wouldnt hold it against you if you didnt. really.
so yeah, it's been busy. and there is more to come. soon. very very soon...

ps- phil = #1. for serious.

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