Saturday, October 24, 2009

the end is nigh

why must the end of the month always. ALWAYS. be the most deadline ridden, hmm? eff this. here's some of the babies i am birthing and already have popped out so far in this windy october...

well, after struggles with my super and UPS, i finally got my new promo junk!

me'n'britt have been working on a collabo-comic for canzine (which you should come to, by the way...), and i'm almost done my pages.
and finally, i'm a part of a one night only show with friendly rich and the lollipop people at the tranzac on nov.7th, and i'm just sanding down my new beaut of a surface to work on...
take note of the 18" ruler for scale... awesome find at goodwill for $3. the last supper is on the other side. i cant make this shit up.
AND, in a few days, hold on to your genitals, cus i'll be posting my first ever actual real life freelance gig... hang tight.

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