Sunday, May 3, 2009

day 43-45

ok, so my bad for the absence, but holy SMOKES have i been busy.
first, here's a couple-o-doodles i've done in the past few days:
also, look what the ups man brought me on thursday afternoon! i've got 500 of these badboys, and they'll be waiting for you at my show at the rage on saturday may 9th.
note -- notice there are no dicks on this promo, unlike my last one, but dont be deceived, vicki nerino has not, i repeat, has not grown up, so dont panic...
and here's proof that i have actually been working: iMonsters by the clawful 
(amongst the shit ton of stuff i've been producing as of late)


Britt said...

monster infestation.

Ale Diaz said...

Ohhhhh you are so fukll of goodies and they look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!