Wednesday, March 25, 2009

day 19

well, here's the last of the chinese zodiac bunch, year of the monkey.
i wonder what i will do with all these doodles... comments? questions? suggestions?

whats next to keep my doodle-a-day alive... uh oh


Brokebot said...

make one of paper place mats that you see at Chinese restaurants and sell them to the restaurants...

Josholland said...

You could, oh I don't know, sell them to ME.

josiah gordon said...

12 days of Christmas would be a whopper.

They look great Vicki!

Alphabet would also take a a= apple, or ant, or asteroid, or all of them together!
b... etc..again...a whopper.

Keep it up!

Britt said...

I still think you should make a little zine of them, or what about a big painting of them all in like a grid pattern? How many were there again? Could you make a calendar? I dunno, i'm just throwing shit out there now.

I love this monkey's teeth. I would like to run my tongue over them.

too much?

Britt said...

I forgot to mention that I really REALLY loved your starbuck's chairs, maybe you could draw object conversations for a while?