Wednesday, March 5, 2008

dork alert

dork (dôrk) Pronunciation Key
n. Slang A stupid, inept, or foolish person: "the stupid antics of America's favorite teen-age cartoon dorks" (Joshua Mooney).
Vulgar Slang The penis.

How do you start a line of toys? Where do you start? Is is expensive?
I needed answers, so i contacted good ol' gary taxali for help. he's a pretty famous man, and he's had talks at my school, so i thought, "why not!" so i shot over an email last night with a bunch of questions, thinking he'd just shoot me a quick email back. well, his email was quicker than i thought, and was simply "sure, call me at 416-etc-etc-etc".

well, dammit. looks like i cant get by being a shy geek anymore.

so i called, it went well, got all kinds of info on how to get started with a toy line, etc etc. what a nice man, by the way.

hours pass, work progresses, and i think, "well, i think i'll take a break, call my boyfriend". usually he's the only one i ever call. im sort of a loser. so i hit redial, as usual. the phone rings once. twice. i start to think, uh... wait... NO! and hang up. bus as i do, i hear a slamm voice on the other like just before i cut off the call. it was gary.

so being the panicky dork that i am, i call back. again, and i apologize. he said something like "that's a funny story, take care", and i hang up the phone.

at this point, i slapped myself in the forehead. hard.
and i hit redial again. stupid reflexes.

luckily, this time i hung up before the number completed, and i proceeded to shit my pants, then dial the number that i meant to call in the first place.

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Hyein Lee said...

You called him!?
Wow! Brave! :D
When I asked him about the toy business (when he came as a guest lecture), he told me to email him. I got too scared to email. (Hyein's very afraid of famous artists)
Is he nice?
Any pointers?

How was Bepo+Mimi show?