Sunday, April 29, 2012

a breakup letter

dear blogger:

you know how much i love you, but it's just getting complicated between us. i really feel like we've grown apart lately. we've been leading two very different lives, you being on my home computer, and me being out and about a lot, and really spending more time on my iphone...
actually, i have to be honest with you... there's someone else...

It's tumblr.

i'm sorry, don't cry.. i really do love you. you taught me so much. you have so many more options than tumblr. i'm so used to using your interface, and i'm much more familiar with your customization options. tumblr requires coding and you know how bad i am at that...
and i mean, tumblr is so much easier to update on the go! i can just take a photo with my phone, check off a box and VOILA! instant photo updates for everyone who follows me on twitter, tumblr, facebook...
you just know me so much better, but i'm afraid that at this point in my life, i can't commit.

maybe one day, i'll be ready to settle down. i will come back to you, but i don't expect you to wait for me.
anyhow, blogger. one day, we will meet again, but until then... i'm sorry.

love always,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

guy on a buffalo

so, here i go again, doing another last minute group show contribution.
third time this month! JEEZ!
the show is called thank you for playing:

Thank You for Playing is an exploration of the early videogame aesthetics that inspired a generation. This exhibition of artists examines the socio-technological revolution spurred on by the development of an electronic medium. The showcase features a series of mixed-media works that revisit the iconography of vintage videogames to provide a commentary on pertinent issues in contemporary art and society.

more deets are here!

before i get to the pieces i did for this show, you should park your ass down for a little bit and watch these videos... and yes. all of them. you wont regret it...

aren't you glad you watched those?
i am. ANYHOW. i saw those while i was brainstorming me for this show, and i just ended up mashing one idea into the other, elementary school math styles, 1+1=2!!
i like you're hat, but it's not going to save you.

you're gonna want to click HERE for an enlarged view. for reaslies.
all of these thingers are the usual, acrylic and toner on wood.
deets from left to right:
enemy on a mule - 6"x12" - $150
guy on a buffalo - 10"x12" - $225
bearded guy and his barren wife - 6"x12" - $150

also, thanks to my good buddy TY!!! for introducing me to these wonderful videos.
the end.

Monday, November 7, 2011

oh, yeah?

another week, another painting.
that's right folks.
this goddamn painting will be hanging in a show called SAVAGE, a tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage. there will be food and poems and songs and readings and art and prizes and WHOA! INTERPRETIVE DANCE TOO! it'll be a big ol' party!

spider pals
acrylic and toner on wood
(click image to see it in big-o-vision)

so come one, come all. sounds like it'll be one hell of a par-tay. and i suggest you wear knee pads and fringe or you might not fit in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wuchoo gots

i've been getting some inquiries as to what i have.

i also have bookmarks and stickers and postcards and lots of other craps.
you should EMAIL ME!! ( if you want any of this stuff.
if you want a bunch of this craps, i'll give you a deal!

so don't be shy. send me a creepy email. i'm nice. i wont bite and give you the rabies or anything. i promise.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

playing ketchup

well hey there, you guys.
i know what you're thinking... "that vicki nerino is a total asshole. she doesn't post on her blog anymore and she's totes too busy to let us know what she's doing and i dislike this".
actually, i don't think any of you are thinking this. you probably didn't even notice that i was gone. siiiighhBUT GUESS WHAT HERE I AM. with a buttload of updates on what i've been up to since june 18th.
FIRST OF ALL!! i just finished a painting for Toronto Draws! it is a month long gallery show held at Steamwhistle Brewers where so so so many awesome artists have contributed to. AND, there will be an auction too! all proceeds are to support the Canadian Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund. so you should all check that shit out!!
anyhow, here's the piece that i have donated! (and a couple process peeks for fun)

next up, i've done two, that's right, TWO mini comics since we last saw eachother!
here's the lowdown:

well there they are!
first up is "1001 nights, the woman with two coyntes".

it is an ACTUAL story from the arabian nights tales, retold and comicked by myself. you will find the original story HERE (about 2/3 of the way down... just search "coyntes" on the page). aaand of course, i went ahead and substituted all of the characters in the story with Ted Bear dudes. classic, vicki. classic... here are some peeks at that bad boy:

the best part about this one is, not only is it in minicomic form, it's also being published, IN COLOUR, in the Seven Stories Press anthology "The Graphic Cannon", due out this spring!
(here's a peek at colours)
next up is CRUD!

this is something brand new for me. my good pal ted has gotten tired and needs to take a break, to i ventured off with another project that i'm really excited to see where it goes.
essentially, CRUD is going to be a small collection of stories about mutated underground dweller people and their daily happenings. this is the first chapter, a small 10 pager about poop (so predictable!). here's a few peeks at the making:

keep an eye out for the next edition, which i'll be starting up on VERY soon.
finally, i've done a few other little things here and there. i made a set of SUPER bookmarks (literally). i have a million of them. inquire within. (click here for more pics and Fan Expo business)
also, i did a little illustration for a story on OpenFile for a ditty that my big hairy and somewhat funny boyfriend jordan wrote (attn: torontonians) "When Doug Met Peggy"
well, i think that's all for now. i solemnly swear to post on this mabob more often, if only to post photos like THIS:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

smiling antimatter 'n' shit

smiling antimatter was a HUGE success!!
so much amazing work by some splendid artists including ilichna morasky, roben nieuwland, ty dunitz, britt wilson, eric overton, ale diaz, franzisca barczyk, selena wong, and of course, the gal who put it all together, hyein lee.

so here are the pieces and they are all (mostly) for sale!
get 'em while they're hot!
(will have crisp-ass scans when i get these back...)

acrylic and toner on wood

acrylic and toner on wood

acrylic and toner on wood

acrylic and toner on wood

acrylic and toner on wood

check out the smiling antimatter wordpress to take a look at everyone's work

you might also like to know that i liked that 6 legged pooch so much, i made an interesting commitment.

Monday, May 30, 2011

smiling WHAT?!

▒░░ Smiling Antimatter ░░▒ !!!

are you guys in for a TREAT, let me tell YOU...
all the deets are on:
and my butt.

.... and this poster that ty made!

that second last one isn't necessarily true.

either way, here's a bunch of little peeks that are pretty much like seeing a little bit of areola when you want to see the whole dang titty.


Friday, May 13, 2011



so we thought it was a totes awesome idear to hold a TCAF RAFFLE!!
so we did.
we raffled off 2 original paintings (one by britt, and one by some dumb chick), and 3 surprise comic prize packs!
(cue drumroll....)

Barb Durette - Britt's painting!
David Hains - Vicki's painting!
Justin "J-Labs!" - Comics Prize pack #1
Charli Collier - Comics Prize pack #2
Denise Tse - Comics Prize pack #3

congratulations to the winners!!

we thought it would be nice for our friends on the interwebs to have the same opporitunity to win some crap too! For a WHOPPING $2 canadian, you get a chance to win an original piece of art from either britt, or myself, or a mystery prize pack full of mystery mini-comics!


prizes in no particular order!

edit: CANCELLED. but just imagine you won a prize, huh?